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Dim Sum is here to "Stay" with latest single

It might have been some time since we've caught up with French producer Dim Sum, but the unique approach he takes to his interesting beats has not escaped us. After debuting with "Coucou Disco" in 2014, Dim Sum has created his own world straddling the line of nu disco and house music, experimenting and innovating in his beats along the way. While debuting as a duo, we saw Dim Sum see success with popular remixes and their track "High Love" in 2015, where they joined us for a guest mix. Now, as a solo artist, Dim Sum is back with "Stay" off of his forthcoming Right Track EP that's due out October 27th via the indie French label Soundress.

"Stay" is low key, soothing and a tad entrancing. With a beat that might strike you as familiar to current pop-electronic crossover songs, it's his choice in lead synths and melody that make this different and stand on its own. Check it out above.

Connect with Dim Sum: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter


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