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Bryce Vine sings about his "Drew Barrymore"

Los Angeles based R&B singer Bryce Vine details the perfect girl on "Drew Barrymore." Using the iconic actress as an extended metaphor for his ideal woman, Vine brings a tender approach to the hook. The sharp verses give away his early years in New York, but the ease of the synths and his delivery remind us that he's a SoCal artist through and through. Bryce Vine already has a host of EPs under his belt, has toured with some major acts in hip-hop and with the success of this single, fans are looking forward to another full-length project. 


If Drew Barrymore heard this track, how would you hope she'd react?
I hope she would feel respected and appreciated as an icon in pop culture. She embodies so many of the great qualities that a lot of people look for in a significant other.
At what point during recording did you know this track would be a hit?
I try not to think about whether or not it's a hit. I try to make a song as good as it can be. When you focus on making something really good, you don't have to worry whether someone else considers it a hit. But I'm really glad many people are loving it.

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1 year ago

I love this song

1 year ago

I love this song