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Sleazy F introduces you to the Dripset, check the wavy new visuals for "Drip"

For the city of Manchester, England, 2017 has shown them that music truly pulls everyone together, no matter age, race or gender. After the horrific attack at the arena in the city, it was the music of the city that brought togetherness and unity in the face of adversity, with a particular Oasis song resonating more than most.

Fast forward a few months, and with the arena now fully reopen with an incredible opening concert, it's time for another one of Manchester's favourite sons to shine some more light on himself, step forward Sleazy F.  The South Manchester native has been making seismic waves recently, linking up with artists such as Milkaveli amongst others, creating some of the hardest rap music Manchester has seen in a hot minute. This time around Sleazy takes us over to Croatia with him and his girl IAMDDB, another incredibly talented Mancunian who's been making tidal waves of her own (if you haven't heard "Shade" then you're REALLY missing out!). The video for "Drip" see's the pair hanging out in the sun, as Sleazy raps about how him & his squad are good, whilst others might not be doing too well, whilst trying to save face. "Drip" is just another example of why Sleazy is considered not only one of the most intriguing talents in Manchester, but in the whole of the UK. His blend of trap laced, hard hitting raps, with a hint of that bragadocius style that everyone loves, has seen the young Mancunian rise to be the cream of the crop, and 2017 is another year in which his growth has been astounding. 

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