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"Free Your Soul" with Devin Xo on his latest single

Devin Xo and his down to earth style of hip-hop returns once again with his newest single “Free Your Soul.”

Over an upbeat piano beat, Devin urges listeners to do whatever makes them happy, while providing a little background on his own come up. As it turns out, our boy Devin was in a dark place not too long ago. At first, this is a little surprising given the fact that the majority of his songs are upbeat as hell. Upon further review though, it actually makes sense. Devin isn’t some grossly positive dude. Instead, he’s a guy who has figured out what he wants and wanted nothing more than to share that knowledge with the world. Without a doubt, that is what makes him shine as an artist. The reason his music connects so well is because it’s so genuine. You can bet that if you met Devin on the street, he would act the way he raps.

Devin’s EP, Coming of Age, hits digital shelves soon, giving you some time to dig deep into his brand of “Optimistic Nihilistic” Hip Hop and possibly start planning a career change. Enjoy “Free Your Soul” above and bonus points for anyone who catches that Rick and Morty reference.


Connect with Devin Xo: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter



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