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Jude Shuma releases new music video for "Reflection" [Premiere]

Chicago-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Jude Shuma has released his new music video for "Reflection," out exclusively on our site today. A self-proclaimed "cult classic," Shuma is an avid supporter of psychedelic music. His love for psychedelia is clearly seen in the new music video for "Reflection," which is largely nature-based. 

The video itself is a modern adaptation of old psychedelic imagery, heavily influenced by the idea of a bicycle ride. Each character has their own individual plotline, seamlessly moving in and out of one another with trippy, far out imagery. If you are already familiar with Shuma's music, it is because you have heard him on multiple TV shows, including Ballers on HBO, the CW's Riverdale, and Quantico on ABC

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