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Watch Azad get wavy in Amsterdam with his "Mottola" Video

Mind of a Genius VP and all around dope rhymer, Azad, is back with another new track and its accompanying visual titled, “Mottola.”

“Mottola” finds the MOAG rep spitting bars in some graphed up area of Amsterdam. The video is fairly straightforward, though Azad employs some wavy visuals to give the thing a little bit of spice. Mostly though, it’s just Azad rapping to the camera and flexing. No hate, the guy has bars, which gives the flick a real “all about the music and nothing else” vibe to it. And speaking of bars, that “flatline” line is very on point, so well done on that one, guy.

“Rappers’ got no heart with these flat lines.” *Insert fire emoji here.*

When asked about the track, Azad explained, “This is my favorite track from my favorite band (THEY.) of 2017. I named the freestyle MOTTOLA because I studied Tommy (and Jimmy Iovine, Dame Dash) like I studied my favorite musicians.” You’ve got to hand it to the guy, he puts in major work with his label and still finds time to crush a freestyle and film a video.

One last thing, serious props to Azad for giving The Bulldog a visual shout out, that place is incredible.

Connect with Azad: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

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