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Travis Scott & Metro Boomin take the "Blue Pill"


Always the giver, Metro Boomin opted to gift his fans rather than taking in gifts of his own. For his 24th birthday, he dropped a forgotten single with longtime collaborator Travis Scott. The song titled "Blue Pill" is said to have dated back to 2014 or 2015 according to engineer Alex Tumay, who said he worked on the song the same night he worked on Rodeo standout "Maria, I'm Drunk." This would put the timeline of this song somewhere between Scott's breakout mixtape Days Before Rodeo and his debut album. The song certainly evokes images and sounds of that time as opposed to where Scott and Boomin are in their careers now.

The production is signature Metro Boomin filled with droning synths that compliment Scott's hazy autotune well. As the song progresses and La Flame drops the autotune to rap, Metro adapts with some piercing synths that sound more like sirens than Nexus. Throughout the song, Travis survives drug-fueled nights ("I've been rollin' rollin', I can't stop, I can't / I'm a rollin' rockstar, Shabba, I got ranks") and raps about the problems of the wealthy ("Please hurry up with my valet / Ain't got no time, no time, no time"). It seems unsure if this drop is more an act of nostalgia for the fans or a sign of more work between the two to come, but nonetheless, Metro Boomin continues to prove why he's one of the industry's best.

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