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Serve yourself a slice of "Soul" with Caleborate's latest video

It’s been only a few weeks since Caleb Parker (aka Caleborate) released his fresh ass single “Soul,” but the grind never stops. As such, the Berkeley resident dropped a simple yet genuine video for the standout single.


“Soul” is a pretty straightforward video. It features Caleborate rapping to the camera in what looks to be an empty warehouse. He does overlay the video with some hand drawn affects that match up to certain lyrics, but other than that, there isn’t much to the flick. Let’s make something clear though that isn’t a bad thing.

The video for “Soul” says a lot about who Caleborate is as an artist and professional. First things first, he’s willing to take risks. Thanks to Steve Jobs making bomb camera’s the norm on every phone in existence, it isn’t tough to find somebody who can film a “music video.” Obviously, some are MILES ahead of others, but with wifi, a quick Google search, and a can-do attitude, you can hook yourself a decent videographer for cheap. So, to decide to handle the directing, at least in part, says that Caleborate is willing to get his hands dirty and put his name on his work.

Second, he’s investing in his professional growth. Caleborate could have easily outsourced this shoot just to get it finished. By instead trying his hand at co-directing (shouts out to Adrian Per for co-directing as well) he’s investing in himself for the future and building his skills to create better and better videos down the line. Hell, Kendrick is responsible (at least in part) for most of the video’s he’s released this year, and look how they turned out! Point being, it’s rare to start out of the gates with an eye equal to that of Alfred Hitchcock. You have to start somewhere, and Caleborate is doing just that.

Finally, “Soul” is simple, light-hearted and does well to represent the original song. Every video doesn’t need to be some super deep or intellectual experience. It’s totally okay to stick with simple so long as it works. And, this time around, it works.

Give “Soul” a watch above and be sure grab a copy of Real Person when it drops October 6th.

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