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Tone impresses with dynamic debut project 'Nothing in Return'

At only three full-length tracks (the intro doesn’t count), Tone’s Nothing in Return is an impressively varied and dynamic little project that shows the Baton Rouge resident and Brown University student has some serious game.

“I just want to sing my song and make it out alive.” How’s that for an opening statement? All three of the tracks on Nothing in Return help paint a picture of Tone. Whether it be his outlook on life and money on “Honey,” his deep ponderings on “Jane Goldman” or his passion for the written/spoken word on “Tell.”

Nothing in Return does two things incredibly well. First, it showcases Tone’s talent. This dude is singing, rapping, sing-rapping and rap-singing on here and it’s dope. His flow is casual and listenable until he decides to pop that sucker into Sport Mode and then BOOM, he’s on another planet (around the 1-minute mark on “Honey” is a perfect example).

Second, the tape shows off Shepard’s production skills. Shepard produced every track on here (minus the intro) and these beats and beautiful. Each feels unique, utilizing different instruments or drums but fits well within the confines of the project. And on top of that, he doesn’t make them overshadow or out-shine Tone but instead compliments his vocals perfectly.

Tone’s first project is one hell of a way to start off a career. Hopefully, this is just the beginning for the young MC, and we’ll be getting more projects soon. Until then, Press play on Nothing in Return above and be sure to stay locked on EARMILK for all things dope music.


Connect with Tone: SoundCloud | Instagram 

Connect with Shepard: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter



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