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Brook Baili releases debut EP ‘Phases’


Brook Baili graced our site with the sultry rnb number "Louder" last month which set the stage for her debut EP 'Phases'.  This new EP by the North London alternative pop/R&B singer and songwriter and BRIT School alumni Brook Baili is made up of 5 tracks that run the gamut from joy to pain and the grey areas in between. The 5-track offering sees Brook Baili collaborating with producer SAMPL, who has previously worked with  SkeptaShystie and Ms Banks, to deliver a glorious representation of her own unique blend of alternative Pop/R&B music and compelling songwriting.

 The EP starts with "Haunted", a title which mirrors the soundscape Brook employs for delivering her emotion filled ethereal performance. Mellow and enthralling and I must add a solid way to kick off the project. On the second track "We run deep", she dives into an emotion tugging acoustic guitar driven upbeat backdrop as she searches for a deeper connection. "Cycles" switches the vibes to an atmospheric island tinged mid tempo cut. What follows is the previously released single "Louder" which again takes the vibes to the sensual realm. The EP ends with an upbeat groovy jam aptly titled "Higher"

According to Baili, “We all go through different phases in life, where we feel different emotions, and when creating this project I wanted to share some of the different phases I have experienced. The project has two sides, the light side and the dark side, two contrasting sounds that when together, complement each other into completion. The light cannot exist without the dark, which is why I wanted to create music for both moods”.

'Phases' EP iTunes pre-order link: HERE

CONNECT WITH BROOK BAILI: Twitter| FacebookInstagram Website


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