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Gabriel Garzón-Montano joins Amazon for an acoustic "Crawl" [Premiere]

"This is the first thing I've released that I've recorded entirely in my home studio. It's Bernice's (my Wurlitzer 140B) recording debut. The percussion and drums are samples from Fruitlflies. I hope you like it."
Earlier this year, we thoroughly got to know Gabriel Garzón-Montano through the release of his sophomore album, Jardín. The multi cultural Brooklyn resident took his life experiences as such, along with his childhood growing up with an equally talented musician mother, into his inspiration in making the album. The result was an impressively avant-garde introspective, overflowing with natural elements, just as his tour, donned with a piano gushing with flowers, did in its live performance.
Today, we are revisiting one of the tracks from Jardín as it expresses itself in a new iteration. As a part of its new playlist, Amazon has partnered with unique artists to be apart of "Amazon Acoustics." Alongside Beach Slang, Deer Tick Tift Merritt and others, GGM has lent a stripped down and acoustic version of "Crawl" to the list. Here, "Crawl" feels almost broken down into each of its instrumental parts - keyboard, percussion and vocals - as any well-done acoustic should. Check it out above ahead of its release on September 8th.

New Tracks to be added to “Amazon Acoustics”:

1.       “Ready to Die (Acoustic),” Aaron Lee Tasjan
2.       “Not Coming Home (Acoustic),” ALA.NI
3.       “So It Goes,” Anders Parker
4.       “Black Sheep Boy (live),” Andrew Combs
5.       “Hot Tramps [Quiet Slang],” Beach Slang
6.       “Image of Love,” Cody ChesnuTT
7.       “Down In Flames (Acoustic),” Ella Vos
8.       “Lonely Stage,” James Gillespie
9.       “Portions for Foxes,” LPX
10.   “Lights Down Low (Acoustic),” MAX
11.   “All the Small Things,” Middle Kids
12.   “More than a Feeling,” Milo Greene
13.   “Wish for the Moon,” my brightest diamond
14.   “Disappeared Planets (Acoustic),” Richard Edwards of Margot & The Nuclear So and So's
15.   “Strung Out (Acoustic),” Ruby Empress
16.   “There Is War,” Sam Cohen
17.   “Jesus He Knows Me,” SYML
18.   “You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory,” Tift Merrit
19.   “Lonely (Acoustic),” Colony House
20.   “Crawl (Petit),”Gabriel Garzón-Montano

Connect with Gabriel Garzón-Montano: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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