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Cult alt-rock duo Novel Nature debutes the captivating "Gunfight"

With momentous drums and sweeping chorus vocals, Seattle-based alternative rock duo Novel Nature has released their third single this year titled "Gunfight." Equal parts funky and unflinching, Shane [Lance] and Emerson [Shotwell] both acknowledged that the mission on this occasion was to utilize instrumentation that best accompanied the beat.

"We fumbled around with some staccato, pocketed bass lines on the Jazzbass until we landed on a riff that felt like it was a percussive part of the drum beat," they said. "After the drums and bass were solid we layered other moody, melodic elements carefully over the top, making sure nothing got in the way of the rhythmic pulse of the song."Lyrically, we always write for what the track feels/tastes like. The raw tracks for Gunfight felt like an '

Lyrically, Novel Nature has always written for what the track feels/tastes like. The raw tracks for "Gunfight" feel like an 'I give up and I want you' kind of song, a mood they clearly connected with. The duo said "Gunfight" has been a favorite of theirs to play live. Excessive energy, sexy head-bobbing and attempted dance moves; who could resist? Stream the song above.

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