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CharlestheFirst releases a symphony of melodic bass in new EP “The Reach”

If the forest was a music producer, its name would be CharlestheFirst. This experimental bass music producer has become known for interpreting the sounds of his home, the Tahoe Mountains, into a psychedelic fusion of hip hop bathed melodic low-end masterpieces. 

His new EP, “The Reach, takes us through a journey of harmonious low-end sounds, with leisurely thoughtful melodies that bend in between the darker sub-bass growls accompanied by nature inspired samples and delicate Tibetan flutes. “The Reach” feels like a natural extension of his previous EP’s, with a heightened emphasis on the exploration of chord progressions and deeper sounds that drag you out of your headphones and into the thicket. Crafting melodies that closely resemble the tenderness of a lullaby, only to be thumped out of place by a grimey industrial wub, CharlestheFirst keeps the vibe melodically intense, inevitably conquering the art of atmospheric low-tempo melodic bass that keeps you on your toes as you wander through the meadows.

CharlestheFirst is a masterful narrator of sound and has been making laps around the festival circuit this year, playing sets at Lightning in a Bottle, Eclipse Gathering, Sonic Bloom, along with a full schedule leading into 2018. Be sure to check out his tour dates in the links below. 

Connect with CharlestheFirst: Soundcloud | Instagram | Facebook


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