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Yaeji returns with her latest "last breath"

Our favorite rising star out of Brooklyn is back with a new track and video. Yaeji, whose personality is just as charming as her music, drew us in with both those things over the past year. She’s recreated Drake songs, curated Korean food and beats events in her hometown, and continues to draw fans in from her local shows and frankly, moments like this. Her latest is entitled “last breath,” and employs what we have come to expect from Yaeji, with funky, unexpected electronic beats. Taking a firm nu disco stand on this one, it’s the visual that makes this offering a complete package. Always aware of and embracing her culture, voice overs in Korean create an almost infomercial-like quality to the song when viewed with the video as a guide. And we mean guide literally, as she’s giving us an un-narrated makeup tutorial as the video’s whole concept. Watching the video it’s hard to miss her appeal – as unlike many YouTube make up tutorials, her down to earth vibe shines through alongside her technique.

Fans are asking for an album as Yaeji continues releasing originals, but we’ll keep tabs on her for now.

Connect with Yaeji: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter



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