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Nigerian poet WanaWana releases her sophomore poetry album, "In Memory of Forgetting"

Multi-disciplinary artist, Wana Udobang, has announced the release of her latest body of work, “In Memory of Forgetting,” a poetry album that fuses music and spoken word to help listeners find closure. 

“In Memory of Forgetting”, as Wana puts it is a sonic book of memories and lived experiences, explores vulnerability, brokenness, reawakening and renewal. The album is an unapologetic introspective into the sharp, sometimes dark, corners of her  life, and a piercing mirror for the listener to see the same in theirs. At its heart, it is a seminal work by an artist who wants the listener to remember to turn the page and never go back.

 The 11 track LP plays like a semi audio-biography that taps into the soul of the listener. Wana makes the conscious choice of fusing her graphic stories against moving soundscapes to really drive the point home. Regardless, Wana's vocal performance is the show stealer as she delivers heart wrenching, emotionally powerful poems with such intensity that you could almost picture yourself in the scene of the events she is describing. I can't say much as a listen is needed to fully experience the LP.

On the process of creating the album, Udobang said:

“This album is really some of my most personal and intimate work. The process required me to deal with very uncomfortable truths in order to be honest. I was able to create a collection of sonically cohesive poems that keep my listeners trapped in a certain headspace. Stylistically, I kept it simple. As I have grown as an artist, I no longer feel compelled to overly complicate things. Overall, making the album was quite cathartic for me. I hope my listeners find themselves in some way inside of my work.”


The album is digitally available for sale worldwide on iTunes, Amazon and Deezer : HERE

Connect with WanaWana : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

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