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Me Not You get raw and real in "Julia"


Brooklyn band Me Not You make you nostalgic for the early 2000's pop-punk sounds and authentic songwriting of alternative rockers. Their latest track "Julia" begs a dear friend to open up about their depressive inner-thoughts and how the narrator struggles to guide the lost soul. It's confronting and direct even though most people in this situation would search for the furthest corner to retreat to. The raspy, guitar driven beat feels dark enough for the topic, but allows for spurts of airiness and hope to enter. After a year of scattered releases, Me Not You still feel mysterious, especially with their scribbled coverings of the band member's face. We're not quite sure what to expect next - except their upcoming EP, Reckoning 1, out September 8th or catch them opening for Gary Numan this fall on his North American tour.

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90's · Alternative · Punk · Rock


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3 years ago

With lyrics like 'pull yourself together', I don't think it's a song about a friend with a mental illness... That'd be beyond insensitive! I'm pretty sure it's about a friend's destructive lifestyle, whatever it happens to be. Great song either way.