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Crashing Hotels transmit deep meaning through retro sound in "Feeling Gone Wrong" [Premiere]

San Francisco-based band Crashing Hotels deliver a thematic tone through their music that one can sometimes find a hint of Radiohead or Bloc Party familiarity to it but by no means is it not uniquely their own. Consisting of Ao Anderson (vocals/guitar) and Tony Bednar (drummer), Crashing Hotels masterfully convey honest downbeat content through retro upbeat tempos.

Their latest track "Feeling Gone Wrong" dresses up a brooding lyrical backdrop with playful synths that carry along rhythmically by snappy drum work. The overall build of the track may be light in weight but the lyrics and emotions are heavy in earnestness. When talking about the underlying meaning of the track, Ao Anderson shared,  "It’s not discussed in our society really at all but, violent domestic abuse happens to men as well." A bold but heavy issue to take on. Check out the exclusive EARMILK premiere of the track below: 

Stay connected with the band below for news on their upcoming Spring 2018 tour.

Connect with Crashing Hotels: Official SiteFacebook | Soundcloud 

Photo Credit: Terry Barentsen

Electronic · Indie · Main Stage


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