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Listen to "Sofa" by Collard, the most poetic song about an overdose ever

Here’s an eerie one for your Friday afternoon: “Sofa” by Collard. All the way from London, Collard pens quite possibly the creepiest but also most oddly passionate song about a lover who has taken one too many drugs.


Produced by Zach Nahome, “Sofa” is slow, painful and beautiful. Collard throws the listener right into the fray with his first line, “I was there for you when you overdosed.” For a subject that is so heavy and dark, Zach and Collard find a way to make it poetic. Thanks to the use of syrupy guitar licks and Collard’s calm falsetto, “Sofa” becomes a track more about the power of love, then the power of drugs. And that guitar solo in the middle?! Wow.

What really makes “Sofa” such a fantastic ride is Collard’s attention to detail. By paying attention to the small things with lines like, “made the house warm when your skin was cold” or using the word “please” in lines like, “baby, please don't be sick on my sofa,” Collard’s love for this person shines through. Anyone can make a song about someone else being too messed up, but it takes a keen eye to make that into a genuine love song.

If you’re digging the vibe, here’s some more good news, Collard is gearing up to release his as of yet untitled debut album by the end of the year! Until then, be sure to stay locked on EARMILK for more dope tunes.

Connect with Collard: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

R&B · Soul


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