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Trip out with What So Not's surreal "Trust" video starring Shaun Ross

What So Not has a knack for aesthetics, both in his lush soundscapes and their visual accompaniments. To capture the existential tone of his track "Trust" with BURNS, the Australian producer teamed with visionary director Leticia Dare and international model Shaun Ross. The video takes a deep dive into the thrashings of mind and heart with surrealist imagery and raw emotion exhibited by Ross, who is known for being the first male albino professional model. Ross's dreadlocks swing emphatically to What So Not's yearning, tripped out beat, and his lip-syncing of the haunting lyrics is dead on. 

Connect with What So Not:  Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Connect with BURNS:  Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Bass · Experimental · Music Videos · Trap


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