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Partner shares outrageously fun single "Play the Field" [Video]

I'm a fan of Partner (the Sackville, NB, duo made up of Josée Caron and Lucy Niles) for many reasons: their tagline is "we're funny but we're not a joke/we're gay but not for each other", they make me like pop-y guitars, and, most importantly, they previously wrote a song called "The 'Ellen' Page" (Caron has been told repeatedly that she looks like the Nova Scotian actor). This last part I only recently found out about, and very pleasingly so, because I also thought Caron looked a lot like Page when I first saw the band, and my formative years were basically defined by my Ellen Page obsession (I advise you to check out the music video on YouTube in which Page thrashes around to the witty track).

ANYWAY, in addition to songs about Ellen Page and weed paranoia, they have now come out with "Play the Field", a charmingly fun song about an athleticism-inspiring attraction in which they once again demonstrate the wealth of their lyrical acuity. This is the second single off their upcoming debut full length In Search of Lost Time which comes out on September 8 via You've Changed Records.

Caron and Niles' voices are perfect partners (see what I did there), with Caron's buoyant mezzo and Niles' husky alto complementing each other as they sing about hockey, soccer, basketball, and the girl that makes them wanna play it all. My favorite part might be Caron's "guitar" quip right before the guitar solo. The video is equally delightful, with Caron and Niles performing in the grounds of the University of Windsor, decked out in jerseys which they eventually ditch for their sports bras. Looking forward to the rest of what this lively duo has to offer. 

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