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NEOMADiC are escapists on their self-titled debut mixtape

Irish hip-hop is the healthiest it’s ever been. Hip-hop duo NEOMADiC are representative of a new Irish generation, kids of multicultural heritage drawing inspiration from their experiences and beyond. Made up of emcees DYRAMiD and noGood, they’re also accompanied by PRiROLL on the decks, producing minimalist jazz cuts to hug the duo’s languid flows.

The guys supply us with some history: “NEOMADiC started when Mike (noGood) moved from South Africa to Ireland. Mike was already rapping at this stage, and met Diarmaid (DYRAMiD) in school. Diarmaid just started rapping, and we so collaborated a few times before fully forming NEOMADiC. Which now has childhood friend Conor (PRiROLL) on the decks."

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Trailblazers such as Rejjie Snow have paved the way for a host of young prodigies, and if you love Rejjie, you’ll vibe out to this tape. Across this project they tackle subjects of diversity and the familiarity of the daily grind, but there is also something much more alternative to NEOMADiC’s music: escapism. Each track slows down your reality just a little more, stewing you in their trippy images and near-cosmic deliveries. Just look at noGood’s verse on the project’s standout track, “Coma:”

“It’s the mostest dopest hopeless poet

focused on some hocus pocus

comatosed with

all this potent dro it’s

got me choking throat, shit

bogus jokers tryna blow the focus

but they overdosing

on my overflowing man I’m overloading till I’m frozen”

Tracks like “Aqua” and “Languid Flowz” sound exactly as they’re titled. Everything about the duo is syrupy and sinuous. Each track is another shot of their unique brew of esoteric rhymes rickety beats. The out of body experience you get from this tape—headphones on and nighttime required for best experience—compounds on the final track, “Sink.” With a beat that sounds like constant pops of daybreak, the track sounds like a final surrender to floating off into the inverted world NEOMADiC took twelve tracks to build and color.  

When speaking about the tape, the guys catalog the three year journey they took to piecing the project together:

THE NEOMADiC TAPE is the culmination of the last 3 years of us developing and figuring out our sound and style. It's been a slow process, and we're still nowhere near our full potential or having it fully figured out, but the tape is a clear picture of how our path into the future will look. It is a showcase of what we've been doing for the past few years.”

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