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Rob Markman tells hip-hop he's done sitting on the sidelines [Video]

The reputable and much-respected hip-hop Journalist Rob Markman decided develop dreams into reality on July 28th, 2017 by finally releasing a commercial project. That project, Write to Dream, consists of eight lyrically driven tracks and serves as the Brooklyn native's major debut EP. As a celebration for achieving a rap career milestone, Rob released the visuals for his first single "I Don't Wanna Wait" featuring Kirby Maurier on the vocals.

The record is what you'd hope to hear from a hip-hop scholar such as Markman: incredible Brooklyn narratives over a hard hitting J.U.S.T.I.C.E League instrumental. Rob paints vivid pictures of his adolescent troubles in center of a church, almost as if he is spitting his bar heavy verses directly to a higher power.  Kirby Maurier adds a nice touch to the track by bridging Rob's verses with a soulful yet chilling hook. The emcee carries himself incredibly well with his fascinating story telling, recalling past mentors and homies who struggled with dreadful issues that have plagued inner cities for an eternity.

Unless you have no access to the internet (impossible), you've already witnessed Rob conduct some of the most classic, entertaining, elaborate, and creative interviews in Hip-Hop for years on end. An unprecedented legendary run with MTV and Genius might sound like a successful career to the common man. However, it may not be enough for the kid who grew up in the birth city of Hip-Hop with the dream to rock the mic for his people. This debut should be looked to as a stepping stone for everyone with an aspiration and as a reminder that it is never too late to listen to your heart. 

Thank you, Rob.

Support the ever evolving Hip-Hop culture and Rob's Write to Dream here.

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