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Annabel Jones & AObeats collaborate on ”Strangers"

Two artists from completely different worlds, British singer Annabel Jones and Moving Castle's AObeats have decided to join forces. Their new single ”Strangers" is a bouncy dance tune that holds itself together in proper fashion through pop and electronic sensibilities. Cheeky lyrics like "You run your heart like a club" make this one an overall fun and easy listen. Annabel speaks on the collaboration by sharing, "Working with AO on 'Strangers' was fun and the writing experience was very cathartic. The lyrics touch on the breakdown of a friendship and the idea of being 'frenemies' I guess the song is a bit of a f* you. AO and I worked super closely on this one and it's great to be making music together again!"

We're not sure if there's more original music between the pair in the works, but we'll keep our eyes out because it seems this one is working. 

Connect with Annabel Jones: Soundcloud I Facebook I Twitter  

Connect with AOBeats: Soundcloud I Facebook I Twitter 



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