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Cherée brings an undeniably fresh approach in new single "Just Like Me"

North-West London’s shining newcomer Cherée's latest single "Just like me" sets her apart with a bold, off kilter backdrop and of course, her vocal performance is nothing short of brilliance. Produced and mixed by Ambassadeurs, Just like me is built on a dreamy, atmospheric backdrop backed by a groovy hip-hop/r-n-b rhythm. The experimental approach only shows how far she is willing to elevate her craft by not following the crowd or pandering to the usual.

With a Danish mother, Ghanaian father and Jamaican step father, Cherée’s upbringing was culturally rich. Drawing inspiration from a variety of influences from strong women, to emotion and love, Cherée’s music is similarly multi-dimensional, thematic and always projects a strong message.

Just Like Me is Cherée's third single after the success of "For Me" and "I Will Be There’  

Connect with Cherée: Facebook | Soundcloud | Website | Twitter


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