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Phlow delivers some "Str8 Up" heat in her latest video

Lagos-based emcee, Phlow, is back with a new video for her single “Str8 Up.” Directed by RCube Vision, the video for “Str8 Up” is a simple one that lets Phlow’s dope lyrics do all the talking. Literally. 


Instead of getting overly technical, or trying to pull fans away from her talent, Phlow and Co bring her lyrics front and center by transcribing them over her surroundings. Thus giving fans deeper insight into not only her lyrics but also the artist herself as the video takes place in her hometown of Lagos. "I feel like a rocket it lately. I'm taking off like I don't plan to land. My verses bout to catch a body call the ambulance," she raps a 1:24 into "Str8 Up." 

Phlow is a name you should take note of now. As demonstrated on "Str8 Up" she's confident with her delivery and has the lyrical chops to back up her bravado. She also knows how to pick a producer, as Teck-Zilla's percussion-heavy instrumental frames her vocals perfectly.

The Nigerian born rapper's last project, Mind, Body & Phlow is a must listen for any Hip Hop head, and her upcoming LP, Flux, is sure to be a hit. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Flux later this year, and for the time being, enjoy “Str8 Up” above.

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