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On the road to Hard Summer with Chris Lake [Exclusive Playlist]

Chris Lake, the Grammy-nominated English house music producer, and dance floor conductor had a brief chat with us over at EARMILK and sharing a playlist of his favorite tracks. For the past half year, Chris Lake’s tracks “Operator” and “I Want You” have been the must-have tunes for any dj’s flash drive, causing crowds around the globe to go ape shit in raw excitement. With so much hype leading up to Hard Summer Music Festival in a few weeks, people are gearing up for the vibes about to be dished out.

Making such massive hits must be instinctual to Chris by now, with such incredible success with his last two major releases. When asked about anticipating the magnitude of their success, he had no idea. “I just try to have fun in the studio and hope that it translates on the dance floor. These records were off the cuff and came together very quickly!” A few years back, Chris was producing progressive house music, and has evolved with the times and releasing music all over the spectrum in the house sub genre realms - from garage house to tech house. Naturally, I wanted to see where Chris saw his sound evolving in the next few years, and his response was perfect, replying;

F*** knows! I try not to overthink it.” 

Chris’s spontaneity in the studio brings livelihood to his music, translating into raw dance floor energy crafted from on-the-spot intuitions on where to guide the next dance floor hit. Being a top dj for over 10 years, some funny stories arise. Similar to when Chris was on tour a few years ago, and his supporting act puked into a backpack at the beginning of a 5-hour flight. Chris never disclosed who this dj was, but I’m sure some of you can start guessing who it was. Maybe we can expect a collaboration with Chris and the undisclosed throw-up-in-a-backpack ghost producer? Probably not. Chris mentioned that although he has several collaborations in the mix, they will remain a mystery until they are released.

I’m sure we’ll hear a few new tracks at Hard Summer, along with his most recent demos and the tried-and-true bangers of the summer. Feeding off of the crowd’s reactions to his demos, Hard Summer will be a laboratory to test new tracks Chris has been experimenting with in the studio, so attendees better pay some close attention to each and every tune of his presumably mind boggling set, as it may contain the next top charting song on Beatport within the week.

Chris Lake plays on Saturday, August 5th at the Glen Helen Amphitheater in San Bernardino, CA. Grab your tickets in the link below.

Grab tickets HERE

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