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Lyrica Anderson's new single ensures you "Don't Take It Personal"


On the heels of her last project, Nasha Pearl, Lyrica Anderson returns with a single that is just as soulful and wavy. “Don’t Take It Personal” features minimalist production, making Lyrica’s voice the focal point of the track. Her vocals skate over the tight hi-hats, never once losing their rich timbre. Approaching the catchy hook, her voice spirals up to the higher notes, as she belts with full conviction: “just don’t take it personal.” She sings her own blues, invokes her fear of vulnerability, and because of that you can hear a restraint in her voice. Over the course of the track, there’s an underpinning desire between the listener and Lyrica to take that extra step and open up. Lyrica packs a surprising amount of emotional catharsis into the two and a half minute track.

Grab a copy of the single here.

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R&B · Soul


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