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Battle Tapes release visual stunner for new track "Last Resort & Spa" [Premiere]

There are music videos that slip by unnoticed, and then there are music videos that catch everyone's attention. The new visual stunner for "Last Resort & Spa" by Battle Tapes is no exception to the rules of mind-blowing graphics. The Los Angeles based electronic rock group just released their long awaited EP, Form, which is nothing short of intense dance music with a dark edge. The music video for "Last Resort & Spa" proves to be no different, with a futuristic feel that still encompasses an 80's dance aesthetic. 

On the new EP guitarist Josh Boardman says, "One of the things we wanted to accomplish with 'Form' was to have videos feel more cohesive to the EP’s other visuals compared to what we’d been able to attain in the past with our previous releases.  Not that we’re not fond our video efforts prior to “Form”, but they always felt like more of “an island off the coast of”, as opposed to part of the larger continent of Battle Tapes. We approached the amazingly talented collective Runyou with a general concept of what we were trying to accomplish and after a few months of collaboration we achieved what I consider our best visual effort yet. It’s a strikingly beautiful flurry of mathematics.”

Connect with Battle Tapes: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud 

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