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Anna Straker sets our minds ablaze with new single "Ignite Me"

London-based Anna Straker dropped "Ignite Me" today via Never Fade Records, reminding us of the teenage yearning to inspire a fire within our bellies. This 19-year-old producer and vocalist utilizes soul, electronic, R&B, pop, house, and rap ingredients to brew a sound all her own. Her Serious EP from 2016 highlights her sensual voice and intuitive talents for electronic mixing, but we see a new Anna Straker in "Ignite Me." We meet the rapper, the youthful rebel, and the unsatisfied dreamer stuck in the never-ending loop of late-nights and long dance-club lines. It's complete with crescendo synths, unexpected iPhone message tones, and a hip-hop beat as the foundation. Check out this girl with soul and a savvy for songwriting.

Anna elaborated on her inspiration for the track in her chat with Fault Magazine,

“Ignite Me is a little bit different to my other songs, so it’s been really cool to experiment with a more hip-hop influenced sound. The lyrics are about going out to a club and feeling like you don’t belong, everything’s a bit gross and you’re really aware of what’s happening around you. I really enjoyed writing the poetry for the verses, turning the dismal and melancholy aspects of night clubbing into something beautiful.”

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Electro Soul · Future R&B · Rap


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