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Get "Dangerous" with Umii's chill new single [Premiere]

Reva DeVito has officially made a new side project and it's everything you could have wanted. The duo is made up of soul connoisseur B. BRAVO and singer Reva DeVito, who you might be familiar with from her "The Move" EP that features production from the likes of Kaytranada and Tek.lun. Together as Umii, the two create music that showcases their talents in retro, laid-back sounds galore. 

"Dangerous" is the second single from Umii's forthcoming EP "This Time", which is coming out on the 26th on Fresh Selects. It flows with an easy rhythm, spruced up with some animated guitar plucks and bright chords. DeVito's vocals glide on top of B.BRAVO's production like smoky frosting and the end result is a song quintessential for coasting off into the West Coast sunset in your fancy car, roof down. 

Connect with Umii: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter



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