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Noise boys METZ announce new album with the boisterous "Cellophane"

Toronto noise punks METZ have just released “Cellophane”, the lead single from a newly announced album. Strange Peace, their third LP to date, was recorded live-to-tape in Chicago with producing elder statesman Steve Albini. According to vocalist/guitarist Alex Edkins, they “tracked fourteen songs in four days...it was the first time we felt confident enough to just play live and roll tape”.

Like most noise rock acts of their caliber, they come into their own when immediacy is favoured over studio chicanery. It’s a relatively subdued number by their standards - the typical fret wizardry and pounding percussion honed by a soaring chorus. For all their burly arrangements, they still don’t shy away from a melodic flourish.

Listen to "Cellophane" above.

Connect with METZ: Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp

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