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Soul Bandit releases pleasantly dark new single "3-4-9

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Sometimes the search for new music can seem a bit stagnant. Almost to the point where even the songs that are coming up in your Soundcloud feed just generally feel the same and you start yearning for something so different and unique, but you don't have the slightest idea as to how to go about finding it. In times like these, venturing seems all but useless. After explaining my discontent with a friend he suggested to check out this mysterious new artist by the name of Soul Bandit.  It has been awhile since I've come across an artist's tracks that have left what I can only describe as "pleasantly dark." That eerie feeling I received while listening to Soul Banit's newest single "3-4-9" wasn't unconformable, but rather inviting. The Russian vocals that gently lay on top of the baseline is like a tiny voice in your head telling you that "the darkness is your friend."  

When we asked Soul Bandit for her thoughts on the new single she said this:

"3-4-9 isn't a typical track for me. I grew up speaking 3 languages (Russian at home, Hebrew and English at school). So to me 3-4-9 was meant to be a bizarre, dark, nonsensical, dance track that's a tribute to how strange it is growing up in a cultural cauldron. My sound choices for this track and for the majority of my others tend to be a bit jarring and even unsettling at times, but they're representative of the unpredictabile and oddities of life and death. It's not going to sit well with everyone but I'm okay with that, music is a subjective experience and to me this is a crucial part of my music.
This whole Soul Bandit project (music/imagery/videos to come) is intended to be a completely uninhibited expression of myself. Many of the songs sound extremely uplifting, but the lyrics (if you can decipher them) are actually very dark. I like the duality of happy music with sad lyrics. It's really an illustration of life, as things are never exactly how they initially seem. Especially in this day and age where everyone has at least two versions of themselves: the version they choose to display on social media, and the version that keeps them up at night. Life's a trip and although we're all on this journey together, none of us have the same experience."
Connect with Soul Bandit:
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