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Lost Cousins trip out with new video "Quarters"

Lost Cousins could be time travellers. Or if not, they have nailed down the vibe and aesthetic of a 1970's rock band. EARMILK gives you the first watch of their new music video "Quarters", where the boys bring us on a trip and back to the golden age of psychedelia.

Saturated in tie-dyed colours and patterned fabric, it's what one would imagine Lennon's Lucy In The Sky world might look like, if it were populated with four boys from Toronto. It's the most reminiscent thus far of the band's psychedelic rock sound - Lost Cousins tracks are typically drenched in delayed guitar combined with punchy percussion - falling somewhere in a no-man's land between the Beach Boys and Rubber Soul. Of the track itself, the band says: 

Quarters depicts the struggle to find purpose in a life path that not everyone can relate to. In order to get out of your own head and into places where you can truly explore your surroundings, it’s often necessary to step out of your comfort zone. 

The "Quarters" video has a stark melancholy to it; a kind of go-with-flow resignation. It mirrors the song's message of  "embracing the highs and lows that go hand in hand with experiencing new perspectives". If anything, this video and this single represents a growing up and out for the band. A group of friends learning the lesson that life will lead you where it leads you, and there isn't anything we can do to stop it, we can only live it and enjoy the ride.

You can listen to "Quarters" on Spotify or Apple Music

Connect with Lost Cousins: Website | Twitter | Instagram

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