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SonReal drops new singles "Supersize" & "Problems" + announces debut album [Premiere]

Today's a good day: new music from SonReal. For those who are uninitiated, SonReal is a dope rapper out of Vancouver, Canada. As we have seen time and time again, America’s northern neighbor has churned out some incredible talent over the years, and SonReal is no exception. Today, we at EARMILK get to premiere TWO new singles AND the release date for his upcoming debut album, One Long Dream.

What a day, eh?

First up, we have “Supersize.” Over a somber and guitar-heavy beat, Son focuses on his come up and his impending success. And damn, is he smooth on this one. SonReal can come off as a biiiiit corny sometimes thanks to his jokes and personas, but on “Supersize” he’s extra serious.

“Went platinum in my country the same day I got dropped,” he sings referring to his brief time signed with Capitol Records. Flex em if ya got em, right?

Son seems focused on this one like we haven’t seen before. It almost feels like he has a new lust for life and success, and “Supersize” is his battle cry.

Next up, we have “Problems.” Interestingly, this track also features a guitar-heavy beat, but the feeling couldn’t be any more different. Whereas “Supersize” is darker with almost an air of revenge, “Problems” is light and sunny. And while “Supersize” comes off as a song about doing whatever it takes to make it, “Problems” presents us with a mature outlook on life, with an understanding that life is what it is and that nobody’s perfect.

Also on “Problems,” we get to see Son’s impressive vocal range. Though his genre may be “Hip Hop,” SonReal is hardly just a “rapper.” The dude has a fantastic voice and knows how to manipulate his gift to work with him, giving him the ability to sing chorus’ or verses’ wherever and whenever he sees fit. This gives an incredible balance to his tracks as well as the capacity to handle songs entirely on his own without sounding stale.

As is the case with “Supersize,” SonReal demonstrates he is stellar at delivering a great chorus on “Problems.” He knows how to make something with substance insanely catchy, a quality we can look forward to on his upcoming album.

And speaking of upcoming albums, One Long Dream is slated to hit digital shelves August 11. If “Supersize” and “Problems” are any indication of what we can expect on his debut album, One Long Dream will be worth a listen.

Until then, give “Supersize” and “Problems a listen above and be sure to stay locked on EARMILK for all things SonReal.

As they say in Canada, “Peace Oot!”

Connect with SonReal: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

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