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Parcels debut their Daft Punk-produced "Overnight"

Parcels just released a track that is going to take their career - or at least their notoriety - to the next level. The band, based out of Berlin and Byron Bay Australia, broke out last year with their own brand of groovy pop, inspired by disco and funk basslines. Many of these grooves have a feel that is noticeably inspired by electronic music around the world, specifically, that of French pop and the movement sparked by Daft Punk. Luckily for this rising group, after linking up with French label Kitsuné, their inspirations are coming to them, and the members of Daft Punk have joined them to produce their latest single, "Overnight." Employing the seminal Daft Punk on "Overnight" has amplified the style Parcels has stepped out with in the past while adding some extra sexiness and infectiousness. In the end, "Overnight" will linger with you like any well-done track should.

Connect with Parcels: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram

Electronic · Funk · Pop


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[…] debut single, an unheard of collaboration with Daft Punk, especially for such new a new player. "Overnight" was a breakout on its own, though, as the French band hasn't released new music since. But now, […]


[…] for most emerging artists. But French band Parcels have used it to launch their career, releasing "Overnight," letting the dust settle, and getting back into their own momentum with stellar, self-assured […]