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Jan Driver teases new EP with ominous club track "Tonikum" [Premiere]

Jan Driver, Berlin-born techno producer, is making a return to the tech-house label Arms & Legs; premiering today is Driver's newest track "Tonikum," three days ahead of the release of the two-track Rauhe Sitten EP (June 23rd). The dance track features chopped-up vocals woven into the underlying beat, paired with sinister-sounding synths and reverberating high hats. Hot on the heels of his recent Ramses EP, which was released on the same label, Driver's music previously had been characterized by a funky and upbeat atmosphere. "Tonikum" is measurably darker than any track on Ramses, giving off a feeling reminiscent to a night out in a dark, smoky, and expansive Berlin club.  Check it out below.

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