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Introducing Jerk and their new experimental single "Socotra"

Houston-based trio Jerk has a history of experimentation with soundscapes ranging from nu-disco to a spooky vein of pop and everything in between. The collaborative effort includes multi-instrumentalist Austin Smith, keyboardist/vocalist Vicki Linn, and newly added Isaac Chavez-Garza on drums. Their latest offering, the glitchy experimental "Socotra," is decidedly darker than previous releases. There's a simple answer as to why - it "was made during a pretty dark time," according to frontman Austin Smith. 

Out on indie label Very Jazzed, "Socotra" samples a pitched-down voicemail from Smith's mother reading the phrase "next big river I'm gonna cross." Smith turns introspective with the lyrics "Say, is that enough/ They don't think you're tough." While it's a montage of eerie soundbites, "Socotra" is a cohesive force that steps away from their previous 'screwed disco' sound. Its experimental nature allows for personal interpretation, inviting the listener to find their own meaning in the flipping synths and harmonious vocals. Interestingly enough, Smith explains,

"This song was made more as a creative exercise than a song for a project.”

What's most captivating about the Jerk sound is that there's a tune for every mood, from the playful pop of their debut self-titled EP to this moodier new side. The trio is currently working on their first full length album. Check back later this year for more sonic developments from Jerk, and listen to "Socotra" above. 

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