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Father Goes Buck Wild With His "Hands"

Atlanta rapper Father is as weird as they come.  The slow talking head honcho of Awful Records has proven that taking the uncleared path could actually pay off.

In his new single "Hands" he delivers verses with a non sequitur approach, adds a catchy hook over straight forward 808 laced beats to good effect. I will admit the visuals that came with this really takes the song to a whole new level for me.

The retro styled video follows teenage truants who go about their daily routine which consists of  doing weird stuff in the park(which includes back flipping over a chain link fence and drinking a gallon of milk straight from the plastic), skate boarding, jacking cars and giving out free fades to any unlucky passerby. Pretty much a long list of "to don't" list for you kids watching out there. 

Rap · Southern Trap


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