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CLAVVS share brooding cover of MGMT's "Electric Feel" [Premiere]

 There are a few things that are specifically made for summer: pool parties, driving around town with the top down, and the insatiable 2007 hit, "Electric Feel" from the psychedelic rock band, MGMT. Now, 10 years after its original release, trip hop duo CLAVVS (pronounced "claws") has issued a new spin on our favorite song about an electrically charged girl from the Amazon who happens to be a part-time swim instructor and full-time expert when it comes to turning you on with her electric feels.

Comprised of four-time Grammy Award-winning producer Graham Marsh and vocalist Amber Rene, the band has delivered a fresh and brooding take on the song, saying, “We only like doing covers if we feel like we can really flip it and bring something new to the song. We both really love ‘Electric Feel’ and wanted to make a dark, sultry version from a female perspective. We’ve been playing it in the live show all year, and it’s been rad to see our fans react."

So clear up a spot on your summertime playlist and get yourself a healthy dose of electric feels - cause this is what the summers for, making electricity.

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Photo credit: Luciano Giarrano

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