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Seven Lions goes hard in the feels in "Where I Won't Be Found" ft. NÉONHÈART

King of feels and all that is melodic bass is producer Jeff Montalvo, better known as the striking talent of Seven Lions.  In the last few months, Seven Lions has teamed up with the upcoming imprint Seeking Blue, to unveil stunningly poignant electronic tunage to tug at your heart strings. Seven Lions continues to move forward as an innovative pioneer in electronic music, braiding together the unique elements of trance, dubstep, progressive house and more. What ties his sound together ultimately, is the fantastical components in his cinematic melodies, collecting the rawest of emotions from listeners. Seven Lions music has consistently provided an outlet for listeners, taking his audience into complex and euphoric sonic dimensions like no other.

In his latest unveiling “Where I Won’t Be Found” he collaborates with vocalist NÉONHÈART, who’s wispy vocals perfectly compliment the track. The track begins with a whimsical layering of warm atmospheres and bright and grandiose synths. This leads up to an enchanting drop that gradually pounds with it’s enigmatic percussions. The palpitating drop embraces NÉONHÈART’s winding vocals and brings “Where I Won’t Be Found” forward as an electronic ballad that will properly grace stages this upcoming festival season. Watch out for Seven Lions upcoming EP also titled Where I Won't Be Found set for release June 26th.

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