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Humans drop trippy VR experience in new music video for "Boys & Girls " [Premiere]

The Vancouver-based duo, Humans, have released new visuals packaged through a VR experience for their new single "Boys & Girls." The video is an interactive 360º virtual reality experience accompanied by a kick ass track that was originally debuted during their Coachella 2016 performance. Consisting of musicians Peter Ricq and Robbie Slade, Humans infectious indie-electronic sound continues to offer a signature minimal dance style that silently harbors an intense complexity that keeps people moving and grooving. "Boys & Girls" contains a low techno beat with a gradual build supported by an enthralling whispering vocal that carries you through the track.  

The song has this elusive charm to it and the accompanying video portrays two animated characters, sporting their iconic Humans bomber, that almost give you the sense that you're a third wheel stumbling upon this trippy third-dimensional dance filled journey. The JUNO award-nominated duo tend to package their music alongside meticulously crafted artwork, similar to the Gorillaz but uniquely Humans. This new form of 2D animations brought in this 3D space music video is an immersive new direction for the group and could provide an interesting new direction for packaging their art and music for fans in the future.

“We wanted something that has the viewer move as he or she is watching. We decided on doing a dance video with a girl dancing in front of you and a guy dancing behind you. Because it's so new, finding the information on how to make your 2D drawings work in a 3D space was really difficult. We just couldn't really read about it anywhere and so figuring it out ended up taking longer than animating it.” HUMANS

For me, the greatest thing a musician can do is find beauty in the simplicity and Humans are pros at it. The video, as a whole, is pretty trippy enough with the jumping fish, random body parts, the beheading of the characters and it's just a lot in terms of visuals. By maintaining the color scheme to 3 main colors (red, black and white) it worked well alongside the music. If they had brought in a whirlwind of a far out rainbow, Tame Impala style watercolors it wouldn't have worked as well with the darker minimal techno vibe.

Experimental, minimal, hints of techno, dashes of indie electro-pop, both dark and warm, one could honestly get lost in the spectrum of sub-genre sounds and feelings you could experience with their tracks. But one thing is certain, Humans creates the kind of music that either your body or mind will be unable to resist grooving along to. No tour dates have been announced yet but keep an eye out.

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