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The Knocks link up with Skylar Spence to form supergroup "Amelia Airhorn"

We've got just what summer needed: The Knocks and Skylar Spence have come together to create Amelia Airhorn, a supergroup side project which focuses on "what it sounds like to want to be lost at a party and never be found". Each of the guys calling New York home, they connected during The Knocks' Feel Good Feel Great tour, which Skylar Spence supported on for a few dates. The trio began working post-tour on tracks which mixed snippets of old school soul and disco with movie dialogue and YouTube fiction. The fruits of their labor come to fruition through "Miracle", the group's first single.

"On a dark, glittering summer night in 1992, a girl named Amelia Airhorn stepped into New York City nightlife and never came out. She’s a living and breathing sample, slipping in and out of the hectic thrill of the city — kicked up high-tempo on flashbulbs and disco balls, easing back into the heartbeat of a crowd dancing in a basement and a couple making their way uptown at dawn. She’s everywhere if you know what to listen for, and on this experimental concept mixtape, NYC-based electronic duo The Knocks and nu-disco producer and vocalist Skylar Spence catch Amelia Airhorn's silhouette."

The Knocks and Skylar Spence have clearly taken the influence of their New York x Brooklyn roots with the concept surrounding Amelia Airhorn (see quote above). They have taken their love for disco, funk and soul are mashed it up into a track which breathes the sounds of summer nights in New York City. "Miracle" has a punchy, upbeat nu-disco beat with a guitar riff reminiscent of classic funk and soul. With these powerhouse producers coming together, the music world just got a little funkier and we cannot wait to see what will come from their concept mixtape.

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Connect with Skylar Spence: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter



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