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Introducing: NEW CITY and their "Dirty Secrets"

Toronto is bubbling with immense musical talent, and the world continues to remain in awe at the number of acts coming from the northern metropolis. Prepare to remain in awe while you're introduced to the Toronto trio NEW CITY. Composed of vocalist Adrian Mitchell, guitarist/programmer Jed Webster, and drummer/programmer Nathan Brown; NEW CITY has the perfect addition to your summer playlist titled "Dirty Secrets".

"Dirty Secrets" comes in slow and steady; but by the first chorus, that all goes out the window with pulsating bass. When asked via email about the single, NEW CITY shared, “'Dirty Secrets' describes a relationship between two people that aren’t really supposed to be together, but the sexual tension is way too hard to ignore.”

Hopefully, we can expect more jams from NEW CITY throughout the summer/year. Until then, keep "Dirty Secrets" on repeat.

Electro Pop · Main Stage · Premiere · R&B


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