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Kitsuné gives Hmu's "Angel City" the spotlight it deserves

It's possible you've seen Hmu's latest track floating around the internet over the past few months. "Angel City" was first floated to Hmu's SoundCloud page back in March, but certainly didn't get the love it deserved. The track is an unbelievably catchy blend of future electronica, chillwave and trap. It's simply pop-and-lock inducing, with an entrancing lock up of bass and melody. At a few points throughout, we can even catch a glimpse of some inspiration from Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot" if you listen carefully.  

At some point along the way, French label Kitsuné caught wind of the track, and have featured "Angel City" as their Hot Stream for the end of May 2017. Catch a listen to it above.

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Chill Trap · Electronic


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