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Pleasure House rocks out on new single "Father's Son" [Premiere]

One part dreamy and one part dark and intense, Pleasure House’s “Father’s Son” is a garage rock jam perfect to kick off the summer in an angsty style. “Father’s Son” is the Birmingham, UK-based indie rockers’ third single off their forthcoming EP, Sentient, due out May 26th.

A booming, punchy drum kit, thick, fuzzy guitars, aggressive vocals, and a retro synth lying underneath come together seamlessly in this track to create a sound more reminiscent of Seattle grunge than the British indie scene. “Father’s Son” is a head-banging, get up and dance kind of song that sticks out against the bloated indie rock scene not just because of the musicianship, but also because of strikingly personal and heartfelt lyrics. The lyrics speak to such topics as self-efficacy and loneliness in a markedly frank manner. Pleasure House has a true knack for broaching substantive issues in their music, rather than simply aiming for commercial success.

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