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Kid Froopy unveils nostalgic music video for "Dreams"

Nostalgia just might be the most effective way to grab my attention, and there's something absurdly sentimental in this visual for Kid Froopy's latest single "Dreams". The track, first of all, is hazy whim, taking retro inspirations in its echoey execution. Kid Froopy says on the song, "this song's that foggy hungover feeling after a long night out. push/pull between f- it and regret. orange juice w the grey stuff you cough up. fleetwood mac meets mike will made it on two shots of nyquil watching scuba diving videos. s/o stevie nicks"And that's exactly what it is, the rawness and vulnerable emotions are transparently vivid and make the track so relatable to listeners. There's an emotional exhaustion present in the vocals and the simplicity of the production. "Dreams" emulates that lump in your throat feeling, that bittersweet nervousness when it comes to love and lost. 

To add to that heaviness is the trippy new music video for "Dreams". Let's take it back to 1998 for a minute, to the golden age of Macintosh, floppy disks, butterfly pins and our only worries were if Mom didn't pack us our favourite Lunchables (the pizza one obviously). The visuals in the video accurately mimic that era. Its 90s inspired graphics take us through a journey through fuschia painted doors, each opening up to a strange new world. The visual takes me back to simpler times as kid, soaking up the neon glow of the television, watching Nickelodeon before bed. It brings me to that somber 90's R&B sound my older cousins used to bump in their cars. Kid Froopy's "Dreams" is a collection of aligning points from the present and past, all bundled up in this thoughtful visual. 

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