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Lou The Human delivers two new videos for "Macklemore"

Bursting onto the music scene in 2016 with his single, "Brink", Lou The Human is back with some new heat. This brand new track is called "Macklemore" and has not one, but two videos to accompany it. Lou decided to link up with Isaac Aguirre again for these visuals which makes sense since the first video goes into his video for "Brink". For the first video, Lou starts out trying to rob as many cars as possible for some change so he can get a snack. While at the store, he meets up with the same creepy ass dude wearing a Freddy Krueger mask from the "Brink" video and the two start to take a walk. While on their walk they steal everything from a scooter to a car and he does all this while showing off his lyrical ability. Seriously, this dude is like a fountain of rhymes man, they never stop. At the end of the first video, Lou takes one too many pills and ends up escaping from the car as his friends chase after him. This leads directly into the next video which shows the two breaking into a house where they commit two murders, steal some gear, and have a nice bowl of cereal before leaving. They then continue on their journey of dark actions such as stealing another scooter from a kid and finding a baby that would eventually make its way into the trash. This is just another look into the demented and twisted world that Lou displays through his music. Although you might feel uncomfortable at times, you gotta respect the guy for staying true to his creative process, even if it's a little crazy. Peep the visuals above and follow Lou on twitter for updates on new music.

Connect with Lou The Human: Twitter / Facebook / SoundCloud

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