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Jonas Rathsman unveils 'Within Borders' EP through his new label

Underground Swedish tech house producer Jonas Rathsman just released the Within Borders EP. Comprised of three tracks, each over 7 minutes long, the EP combines ethereal synths and tribal vocals to create an unexpected jungle-inspired atmosphere. The track "Within Borders" kicks off the EP with a darker bassline and high-pitched melodies, and the second track "Skymning" has a more traditional progressive build that ties the sounds of the EP together. "101 Secrets" completes the EP with unusual vocal samples, bongos, and an experimental bass-line. 

The EP was released via ELEMENTS, Rathsman's new imprint label that began with the increasingly popular ELEMENTS bi-monthly mix series found on Soundcloud. Rathsman shared some words on the new endeavor; “It’s been one year since the first ELEMENTS episode was released, and even from the first one people were asking me if they could release on the label! The connection I have built with both new and established artists has been really amazing, and I feel privileged that they have put their trust in me to feature their music. The label is a natural development and we have some amazing releases lined up.” 

Connect with Jonas Rathsman: Twitter | Soundcloud | Facebook

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