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Kölsch talks In The Dark and all things Hï Ibiza [Interview]

Last week, Hï Ibiza dropped the highly anticipated full lineup for the In The Dark party series. From 8th June - 28th September 2017, the club will play host to this journey through the global electronic scene with its ever growing and developing sounds taking over the dancefloor every Thursday. With five icons heading up In The Dark' as residents - Joris Voorn, Kölsch, Luciano, Nic Fanciulli and Steve Lawler -), the acts completing the series are now common knowledge.

With these big changes ahead as the island begins its new chapter with Hï Ibiza, Danish native Rune Reilly Kölsch is no stranger to the magical place many call home - and he welcomes the change with open arms and a strong vision.

There is no question I hold the Legend of Space very dear to my heart. I had many life altering experiences on the terrace over the years, those moments will always be with me. As the closing was announced, I had no idea of my involvement in Hï Ibiza and was shocked like everyone else. The thing is... Electronic music has always liked to move forward, and so should we as artists. It is important to embrace change. I’m very honored to be involved in Hï Ibiza at the level I am. Yann (Hï Ibiza’s Founder) showed me the drawings very early on, and it just looked spectacular. What excites me the most is, If I do my absolute best, maybe I can create a legacy. Maybe in 10 years time someone will think back on their Life altering experiences on the Hï Ibiza terrace with Kölsch at the decks. That would be all I could ever ask for.

With the line-up being completed by the likes of the French super-trio Apollonia, Ibiza favourite Cassy, expert selector Claude VonStroke, Hot Creations hero Patrick Topping and party starter Skream,  Thursdays in Ibiza are looking to be the host for everything underground, electronic and exactly what 'In The Dark' promised to be with each resident bringing their own twist.

I didn't choose the acts at Hï Ibiza, but the Booker did a bang on job. The lineup is out of this world, and all residents are amazing artists. My vision is that I want to add a little magic to the night. I want to take the crowd on an emotional tour, and give something back. Welcome people to a new club, with a new vibe and a fresh story, yet to be written.

For so many people, Ibiza holds a place in the heart. The ever changing and growing music scene in every dance genre, as well as the memories made, are what keep the island alive. Hï Ibiza brings not only one of the most incredible Thursday line ups of the season with 'In The Dark', but also the opportunity for people to experience something new with the beginning of this next part of Ibiza's legacy and moments to last a lifetime.

I can remember the first time I went to Atlantis, kayaking at Es Vedra. The warm summer winds. One thing I will always remember is playing 'Good Vibrations' by Beach Boys on the Space Terrace. The first time I went to Space in 1999, I promised myself, that if i ever played there, I would play that song. And I did.

Kölsch will join the other residents and artists every Thursday at Hï Ibiza from 8th June - 28th September 2017.

Connect with Kölsch: Facebook | Twitter| Soundcloud Connect with Hï Ibiza: Facebook | Twitter

Tickets are available from www.hiibiza.com

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