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Daniel Romano taps into early Dylan storytelling with latest single "Modern Pressure" [Video Premiere]

Ontario-based Daniel Romano is a poetic crossroad between past and modern music production and where catchy melodies meet honest lyricism. Although his latest work has been towards a traditionally indie folk sound, there's a clear indie-rock and a dash of pop influence mixed in. Dripping with vintage nostalgia, the cheeky irony hidden in clear sight of each track is not lost on Romano’s latest “Modern pressure” music video. The video, Directed by Romano, follows a troubled couples dramatic argument inside an old restaurant. With dramatic close-ups and seemingly real tears, it is hard not to get emotionally invested in the visual drama represented in this video. 

The songs storytelling harkens back to an early Bob Dylan-esque sound but filled with various instrumental and dynamic horn builds and mixed with Romano’s straight to the point, yet poignant lyricism. “React to it at your leisure, modern pressure.” Croons Romano in the first chorus wittily.

With outstanding tracks like this, it is certain that his new album, Modern Pressure, out May 19th via New West records, will be in instant new folk favorite. 

Connect with Daniel Romano: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter


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